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Belinda Reeves


Belinda Reaves is a native of Huntsville, AL, and an AAMU alumna. During her collegiate years, she discovered a passion for real estate and helping others as a Realtor. Over the past 12 years, Ms. Reaves has been an active residential/commercial investor and housing provider. She has also collaborated with organizations like the Alabama Rural Coalition for the Homeless (ARCH) to provide housing for the homeless and disabled veterans. Additionally, she has served as an Army civilian for the Department of Defense for 15 years.


Ms. Reaves is also an Alabama Licensed Homebuilder. As a homebuilder, she is committed to building affordable housing to make homeownership accessible to all. She also eagerly anticipates assisting homeowners in selling their homes and collaborating with real estate investors to optimize their portfolios. Beyond her professional pursuits, Ms. Reaves enjoys traveling, baking, remodeling homes, interior decorating, and cherishing moments with her family and friends.


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